Our Vision

Our organization works with adolescents because we strongly believe that it is important to instill non violent values from a young age. We find that children are often exposed to aggressive behavior in the media causing adolescents to mimic their behavior. Our goal is to educate students about the harmful effects of exclusivity and hostility within the school environments and teach them ways to act in a safe and welcoming environment. We want to empower the students who already have a positive affect within the classroom and teach them how to enable their peers. We use innovative games, activities, and questions as a way to create a safer and more welcoming environment for the students.

Our hope is that students not only apply our workshops within schools, but that they spread our peaceful message into their community. If students take the skills we teach them and take our message one step further our hope is that communities will thrive.

These students will act as role models for the next generation, and it is crucial they are equipped with the tools to be positive role models.