“Our volunteers enable us to bring sustainable change to Israeli society!”

Yony Tsouna, CEO of Matzmichim

Volunteering at Matzmichim

You are studying or are generally interested in using your knowledge and skills practically in order to gain new experiences? Then you are exactly right with Matzmichim – the Israeli Violence Reduction Organization! A friendly, young and flexible team is looking forward to guide and support you during an internship so that you can get to know the functioning of an NGO.  Whether for a short or a long term stay here in Israel: you are welcome!

General Conditions

Age: 18+
Duration of the internship: 2 month + (3 to 4 months are better)
Daily working time: 7,5 hours
Application formalities: a call or an email is sufficient for first agreements.

(Contact: info@soscenter.org.il or milena.hartmann@gmx.net)

Possible tasks and fields of activity

The tasks strongly depend on what is actually needed. Here a short overview over possible fields of activity in which you could become active:

Pedagogical Work

  • Preparation and planning of workshops
  • Organizing workshops
  • Material research (information, games, …) for new topics


  • Translating work and fundraising material
  • Writing applications for funds


  • Establish and maintain contact to partners and sponsors, making arrangements
  • Inform and report about current activities

Administrative Tasks

  • Creating new content for the website and managing the website

The Office

Since August 2017  the Matzmichim office is situated in Petah Tikva, just 20 minutes outside of Tel Aviv. In the office the Matzmichim team works in an ongoing exchange of information on various individual tasks.  During lunch-time we sit together to relax and talk about the week-end. 


We can’t provide you an accommodation, but the Matzmichim team will support you in the best possible way to find a nice accommodation. 

Milena Hartmann studied International Social Work and Deaconry at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigsburg, Germany. As part of her studies she has been a volunteer at Matzmichim in 2013/2014 for 7 months – today she is still very involved in the work. One of her tasks is it to be the contact person for volunteers – so feel free writing her!

Lasting memories: Working with great colleagues who are supportive, motivating and encouraging – and who become good friends.

Most exciting task: The most exciting part is the variety of working fields. Most of all: Fundraising and networking and the numerous contacts to interesting and impressive people.

Tourist-tip: There are uncountable many impressive places – therefore travel, travel, travel!

Conclusion: Unforgettable, instructive and important time! Whoever is not doing it is missing out!

Reviews and hints from former volunteers:

Theresa, 24 studies social work at the „Alice Salomon Hochschule“ in Berlin. She supported Matzmichim in her practical semester from January 2018 till June 2018.

Lasting memories: The diversity of the work, with always new and exciting challenges.

Most exciting task: Writing applications for grants.

Tourist-tip:  Hiking in the Golan-Heights and of course, the best hummus in Jaffo, at Abu Hassan.

Conclusion: Working for Matzmichim inspired me and introduced me to new tools and strategies of dealing with racism and violence.

Lea, 21, studies Deaconry and International Social Work at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigsburg, Germany. She absolved her practical semester with Matzmichim from October 2017 to January 2018.

Lasting memories: The good mood and caring atmosphere in the office, Israel – the country and the people…

Most exciting task: The direct contact to a potential partner with meetings etc.

Tourist-tip: Couchsurfing! No matter if you go North or South – it’s a good chance to get to know Israelis and have exciting conversations!

Conclusion: I have learned a lot about working in an office in the field of Social Work – it was absolutely worth it.

Justine, 27, studies Social Work at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigsburg, Germany. She supported Matzmichim in her practical semester from March to October 2017.

Lasting memories: Caring and supporting colleagues and relaxing evenings at the beach after work.

Most exciting task: Attending a workshop in an Israeli school in Hebrew. 

Tourist-tip: Camping in the North – that’s the only way to escape the heat in Tel Aviv during July and August, besides the nature there is beautiful, green and its quiet, too.

Conclusion: Best decision ever – Sunshine, beach, a lot of good new friends and memory which will last forever.

Tanja, 23, volunteered from August 2014 until January 2015 at Matzmichim as an internship for her studies. She studies International Social Work and Deaconry at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigsburg.

Lasting Memories: Good time with nice colleagues who always supported me in mastering challenging tasks.

Most exciting task: The getting in contact with important people from Germany was very impressive; I also enjoyed the work on the new webpage.

Tourist-tip: Get in touch with a student´s organization which organized outdoor trips – that way you get to know the country and many young people from all over Israel.

Conclusion: It was the right decision to do my internship at Matzmichim!

Ulrike, 25, from Aachen volunteered at Matzmichim in August and September 2013 after finishing her BA degree in Social Work and a MA degree in Culture, Aesthetic and Media in Düsseldorf.

Lasting memories: A feeling of giving and taking. The team of Matzmichim was like a family for me. When I had problems I could always count on their help and the other way round. It was good to see that I could give something back through my work.

Most exciting task: Networking with German partners and supporters. And of course the translation meetings with the Israeli volunteers.

Tourist-tip: I can highly recommend a visit in the old city of Yaffo; especially the fleamarket and the many little cafés around it.

Conclusion: I will be back!

Annika, 25, volunteered at Matzmichim from January until March 2013 as part of her Social Work studies at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg.

Lasting memories: Good working atmosphere and really nice colleagues.

Most exciting task: Developing of projects and accompanying workshops in Israeli schools.

Touri-tip: The Casbah in Florentin – my absolute favorite café place!

Conclusion: Great organization – great country!

Rosa, 23, studies International Social Work at the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigsburg. She absolved her practical semester between September 2011 and April 2012 at Matzmichim. Previous she studied one semester at the University of Botswana. In addition to her studies she is an active Board member of the German NGO Heartbeats e.V.

Lasting memories: Very good working atmosphere, a lot of selfinitiative, wonderful city and great people.

Most exciting task: Difficult to say because there were so many. Maybe the translation of a movie but also the project proposal of “Growing children”.

Tourist-tip: Mitzpe-Ramon or a road trip along the national boarder; the nicest café: Puaa in Jaffa

Conclusion: Many very good days!

Anja, 25, from Munich volunteered for 6 weeks in 2011 at Matzmichim to get an insight in a NGO.

Lasting memories: Good working atmosphere, one can contribute own ideas and realize them. Really nice colleagues whith whom you can go out for a beer.

Most exciting task: Organization of the evaluation week with the German partners of Matzmichim.

Tourist-tip: I spend almost all six weeks with couch surfing. When I got tired of it I went to the Florentin-Hostel for some days. Couch surfing works pretty well in Tel Aviv and one gets to know many nice people who are willing to show you the city.

Conclusion: I would definitely do it again. The work field is exciting and it is really fascinating what Matzmichim is able to achieve through simple means.

Niklas, 21, comes from Mannheim. After he finished his civil service in Israel he decided to extend his stay and joined Matzmichim in March 2011 in order to do an internship.

Lasting memories: The team and the insight into the work and the work and operation of an NGO.

Most exciting task: Getting to know paedagogical concepts during developing games.

Tourist-tip: Partying in Tel Aviv: just start, walk through Florentin and try out different pubs.

Conclusion: Go there, try it out, like it and come back!

Constance, 22, from Aachen supported Matzmichim for one month in 2011. She studies Sociology and Business Paedagogics/Wissenspsychologie at the RWTH Aachen.

Lasting memories: Good working atmosphere! The feeling of having reached something and of being a precious help to someone.

Most exciting task: Planning and carrying out interviews with various people who are involved in the work of Matzmichim.

Tourist-tip: The old redesigned harbor of Tel Aviv with its shopping facilities and bars is worth a visit!

Conclusion: Good project which is worth supporting and promoting and the best part is: the work is fun!

Tobias, 26, from Stuttgart, volunteered for 6 months in 2010 at Matzmichim as part of his studies in International Social Work in Ludwigsburg. Even after his internship he supports Matzmichim through his assistance with the workshops in Germany and Israel. Thanks to him, a cooperation with the Protestant University of applied sciences in Ludwigsburg could be established.

Lasting memories: Friendships in the professional as well as in the private area.

Most exciting task: The mix of various tasks and the creative freedom during working on the tasks.

Tourist-tip: Agadir Burger at the Nahalat Binyamin tastes great!

Fazit: Consistently positive memories of my time here!

Verena, 21, from southern Germany stayed in Israel in 2010. After a social year in a Palestinian old people´s home she volunteered at Matzmichim for 2 months.

Lasting memories: Only positive ones! Good supervision and interesting work field.

Most exciting task: The preparation and implementation of the workshops.

Tourist-tip: The old city of Yaffo and the beaches of Tel Aviv are great!

Conclusion: I would immediately do it again!

Are you interested? 

Are you the next volunteer at Matzmichim? 

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Mail: milena.hartmann@gmx.net