Our Team

The CEO`s

Georg Rössler, Co-Founder of Matzmichim – The Israeli Violence Reduction Organization and Co-Director (Volunteer):

Georg holds an MA degree in Judaic Studies with minors in History and Law, from Heidelberg University. In 1988, he moved from his native country Germany to Israel, where he served for seven years as an assistant to the representative of the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation. After receiving his trainer-degree from the “Gewalt Akademie Villingst” in 2000 he began work developing the concept of de-escalation in the framework of seminars and trainings in German schools. As co-director of Matzmichim, (formerly SOS Violence Center) he was responsible for contacting relevant German organizations and institutions, applying their knowledge on non-violent conflict resolution to the situation in Israel. Today, he is the Co-Director of “SK-Tours in Nature” and Co-Director of “De-Mobbing Israel” – The Israeli Center for the Prevention of Workplace Abuse.

Yony Tsouna, Founder and Co-Director of Matzmichim:

Yony is an honors graduate of Hebrew University’s master’s in Public Policy program. During his studies, he analyzed national policies and programs dealing with violence in schools. Yony hosts Matzmichim’s workshops and seminars for youth at risk, teachers, parents, university students and other professionals in Israel, Germany and Luxembourg.  He also serves as a professional policy advisor on coping with and reducing violence and is a lecturer in academia, educational settings, professional forums and in the media in Israel and abroad.

The Staff

Efrat Lichtman, Director of Partnerships and Resource Development:

Efrat holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Master Degree in Diplomacy and Negotiations.  In the framework of the Branco Weiss Institute, she gained a wealth of experience in overseeing large scale educational programs, trainings for school principals and educational staff in the field of pedagogical leadership, and developing programs that promote thinking and learning in schools. Efrat also served as a senior parent coach in the Rolider Center for Parental Guidance and Counseling. During her stay in Vienna as an Israeli emissary, she managed the Israeli school in the city and wrote professionals articles on parenting. Efrat is a senior trainer and certified group facilitator of the MICHAEL method, a self-awareness and personal empowerment program that promotes fulfillment of potential.

Daniel Hirshberg, Project and Administration Coordinator:

Daniel received her B.E.D (bachelor of education) in the kindergarten teachers program from Oranim College. She is also certified in the “Miller System” of study from Tel Aviv University. This system is a cognitive treatment for developing children with serious disabilities. Danielle has extensive experience in early childhood education as well as, working with children on the autism spectrum. In the past, Danielle worked as a personal assistant to the CEO of an engineering company.

Saleit Koler, Operation Coordinator:

She is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has a Bachelors degree in law for over 20 years. She dealt with social rights and family law. She established and managed community-based projects at the Center for Law and Business in Ramat Gan. She also worked as an attorney both as an independent and as a legal advisor in the public sector. She has extensive experience in the field of social associations, including legal and administrative support for non-profit organizations.

Orli Shiri, Project Coordinator:

Orli holds a BA in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Yezreel Valley College and an MA in Labor Studies, Tel Aviv University. She also holds diploma of Team Lead Training Program from ‘Gishot’ College and is certified as a personal trainer by the ‘Extra Mile’ School. She has experience working with groups, youth, guidance and training and human resource management.

The Trainers

Irit Jacob Elhadad – Irit graduated with a B.E.D (bachelor of education) in promoting youth care from Beit Berl College. She has 12 years of experience as a tutor for teens in various settings such as schools, boarding schools, municipal units for youth care promotion and prison. Irit is the co-founder and manager of “Mcafee Le Ozen”- a center for advice and guidance for youth in Shoam. She specialized in coordination of private and group treatments and in creating connections with youth in their comfort zones. In addition to being a Matzmichim trainer, she also guides groups in “Tair School” – a center that helps victims of sexual harassment. 

Eran Shai – He holds an master degree in social work (M.S.W). In the military he was a mental health officer. He leads groups through the “playback theatre”. Eran has eight years of experience in psychotherapie for kids and adolescents and parental guidance. Today he’s still working in the private clinic in Hod Hasharon. In addition to that, Eran is lecturing and facilitating training and workshops about psychology.

Shifa Dakhlallah – Speech therapist finished her BA at the University of Haifa. Shifa has experiences in working with children and youth through her work at the Israeli educational center “Shema” for children and youth with hearing impairment.

Boaz Hadari – Boaz has a B.A. in Social Work. He has 10 years of experience working with children and youth in informal education settings as a guide, trainer and manager. During his academic studies, he specialized in working with kids and youth at schools: private and group sessions with children, youth and parents. Boaz also has experience in establishing community projects in the field of sports and environmental education. Today, he works as a Matzmichim trainer and coordinates the organization’s activities in Northern schools. He is also the manager of an informal education system.

Ranim Ganim Sheh Ahmed – Ranim has a B.A. in science from David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem. He is a graduate of a group guidance course from Elkasami College of Education in Baka Al-Gharbiyye. He also graduated from the “Parents Committees Guidance” course at Lavinski College of Education. Ranim has several years of experience working with youth and parents, specifically with at-risk youth at the ElHuda Abelin boarding school. Today, he is one of two Matzmichim trainers in the Arab sector.

Tamar Arnon: Holds a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate in the design and teaching of technological subjects HIT Holon. And FIT SU-NY, specializing in creative research in New York. Directs focus groups and develops digital research methodologies. Specializes in identifying trends and trends, managing online groups, and developing and empowering workshops for business and public sector executives. Believes in change

Mical Siegler – Mical has a B.E.D. (bachelor of education) from the Seminar HaKibutzim College. She is also a graduate of Wingate College’s ODT workshop guidance course, a method of guidance and group empowerment with the goal of developing social skills and leadership through challenging activities. In the past, Michal was a teacher at The Democratic School of Tel Aviv. She is a Matzmichim trainer as well as a trainer of rhythm and music workshops for youth and adults.

Hodaya Nisancoren – Hodaya has a B.A. in Social Work from Ariel University. She is a social worker at the Emona Center. Hodaya also acts in a one-man-show called, “Yael Learns How to Guard her Body”, an educational show intended to shed a light on child sexual abuse. In the past, she was a trainer in the “Circles and People” company and developed curriculum for single managers in the market.

Dikla Fogel: Levenstein has 10 years of experience as a coach and mentor for children and youth, with experience working with youth at risk and with attention and concentration. She has a diploma in the treatment of attention deficit disorders at the Yozmot College and a group facilitation diploma through the guided imagination and NLP of Dov Roitman College. She holds an MBA and marketing and is a graduate of the Adler Institute in the field of training children and youth

Moti Schwartz – Moti holds a B.A. degree in Education with a specialization in the management of informal educational systems. Moti received his certification as a group facilitator from Bar Ilan University and has extensive experience working with teens and youth at risk. He was also a guidance counselor in a therapeutic boarding school and instructed workshops at “Tair” center for victims of sexual assault on the issues of gender and sexuality. In addition, he was the moderator at the Israel Cancer Association. Currently, he is the director of “Youth and Community” in Moshav and the Southern district. He is also a guide on topics concerning national education and helps in the service of “youth at risk” in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Avishag Marcow – Avishag received her BA in Special Education and Educational Counseling from the University of Tel Aviv. Currently she is the Director of an at-risk youth club in Jerusalem. She also has a rich background in individual and group work with children and youth in the educational system, as well as in informal settings.

Lior Isler – She has got a B.A. degree in Judaism and literature and holds an M.A. in Humanitarian studies. She is a graduate of a course in mutual consultation reassessment and a course of guiding groups in the method of “Listening Circles”. She has extensive experience in nonformalic education, by working with kids and teenagers in the “Follow Me” organisation, boarding schools and schools. Currently, she writes an educational content for  kindergarden teachers and coaches them, too. Furthermore she is guiding in social “Beit Midrash”.

Ziv Taasah – She holds an M.A. degree in Developement and Evaluation of learning programs from the Open University of Israel. She is a mentor in “Ta’ir” (Assistance center for victims of sexual harassment). Furthermore, she is developing trainers in socio-education. Ziv also has extensive experiences in promoting youth at risk, who are raised up in foster families and brings them back to society.

Sharon Kantor: Graduate of the Adler Institute in the three-year track of group and family facilitation. Graduated from the Beit Zvi High School for the Performing Arts. She played for several years in the theater. Worked for several years with head injuries, community support and rehabilitation. She has experience working with youth in theater. Today, at the same time, she teaches at the Matzmichim Center, leading groups of parents and a family leader.

Ohad Vaza- He has an M.A. degree in Public Administration and Policy from the Sapir Academy and is guiding groups of kids, teenagers and students. He graduated a course of guiding groups in “Collot Ba’Negev” (Voices in the Negev) and has experiences in working with youth in formal and informal settings.

Michal Fisher– She holds an B.A. Degree in psychology and an M.A. degree in Group Guiding with Arts. She has 12 years of experiences in guiding adults and teenagers. Furthermore she has 8 years of practice “mindfulness”methods and meditation guiding. In addition to her work in Matzimichim Center she is guiding groups of kids and teenagers, education teams and a group of parents in “Ta’ir” (Assault crisis center for Sexual Harassment).

Anat Valfer- She is a group guide, with second degree in counselling and organizational development from the Saint Joseph University. She has rich experiences in the world of guidance in a business cooperation. Today, she is involved in escorting and guiding in various themes as leadership, self-fulfilments, visions and personal empowerment. Her guided groups consists out of a huge variety as kids, teenagers, social organisations, migrants, academic foundations and non profit organizations. She promotes efficient processes and consolidations among groups by focussing changes.

Adit Dror – She finished her studies in “Social Sciences” with honours from Ben Gurion University. She is training children in creative writing and used to conduct alternative medicine treatments in Assaf HaRofe Medical center. Now she is trainer of Matzmichim.

ori Shikovich: BA in Teaching and Design from WIZO College, Haifa. Meyer creates and conducts computerized workshops to stimulate creativity and develop imagination for children and adults.

Adi Kojman Akoka: BA in political science and international relations and a teaching license from Beit Berl. She graduated from Shenkar College of Fashion Design. Has experience in teaching and training children and youth. She worked as a teacher in the Israeli school in Berlin. She believes in pluralism and free love.

Or Zahavi Katz: Group facilitator and organizational consultant. MA in organizational sociology from the University of Haifa and a group facilitation certificate. She has experience in guiding groups with different audiences in various fields such as promoting employment, integration into citizenship after military or national service, personal empowerment, support of educational staff, and more. Believes in the power of children to create a good and healthy reality

Adi Koren:  holds a master degree in Conflict Management and Negotiation from Tel Aviv University. She is a group facilitator and Individual training coordinator graduated Adler Institute. Adi is a Senior facilitator at the Center for Assistance to Victims of Sexual Assault. She has an extensive experience in group and individual guidance of parents, children, youth, students and educational staff.

Liat Gerstenhabe:  She holds a BA in Criminology and Sociology-Anthropology from Bar-Ilan University and a Diploma in Mediation Studies from Tel Aviv University. After more than 15 years in which Liat ran projects and mentored the business world, she decided to leverage her knowledge and experience to education, her true passion. He is currently a facilitator at the Matzmichim Center.

Lior Ben Rei:   He is a graduate of the Institute for Democratic Education at the Seminar Hakibbutzim Teachers College. He taught Bible and history at the junior high schools, and has extensive experience in informal education.

Noam Freiman:  She holds a BA in Art Education and Behavioral Sciences from Tel Hai College and a group facilitation course at “Gishaot” College.

She has extensive experience working with adults with special needs, their personal and employment integration in the company.

Michal Guttmann Kramer:  Director of the Center for Mediation and Dialogue in the Community in Ramat Hasharon, and has established the Center for Mediation and Dialogue in the Middle Arava, facilitator of workshops and dialogue meetings at the Adler Institute

Lital Miller:   BA in Psychology, MA in Educational Counseling. Background in running programs for youth at risk for proper inclusion in a healthy society, as well as building joint activities for parents and children as part of the integration program as an educational counselor. She also has extensive experience with people with different disabilities, their integration and employment in a normative society

Heli Atia:  Graduate of the MA program in clinical social work from Columbia University in New York. Her studies dealt with the study of depression and high-risk adolescents and their treatment. She has experience in psychotherapy for families, couples and individually. Today, she is taking care of a private clinic in the central region.