Virtual Violence

Virtual Violence-Coping tools for parents


This lecture is based on a decade of research and thousands of days of school workshops and activities, conducted by Matzmichim to reduce violence in schools.

In this day and age, the internet and social networks play a central role in the daily lives of many children and young adults. Sometimes, parents and teachers will shy away from involvement in their child’s online life for various reasons. It might be to maintain their child’s privacy or a lack of understanding and connection to the virtual world. There are many concerns among adults, especially in light of recent cases of children who responded drastically (depression, and in extreme cases, suicide) to the online abuse. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the discourse on virtual violence and identify when and how adults can intervene.

The lecture provides an overview of the current situation in Israel and abroad, as well as recommended rules and norms that children should adopt for daily surfing to maintain the wellbeing of all internet users. The lecture also discusses the types of violence encountered on social networks and suggests options for how to deal with them.

What is virtual violence and how is it different from traditional bullying? 

When we should be concerned – Warning signs that indicate a child is a victim of virtual violence. 

What is the best way to act if my child is a victim of virtual violence? 

The damaging effects of cyber bullying. 

What factors encourage the brutality and intensification of the conflict? 

 What are hate groups and how do we deal with them? 

What are the main reasons that cause children to hide the abuse? 

Key tips for safe and appropriate use of the internet and social networks.