Matzmichim (Uplifters) is a registered Israeli Violence Reduction Organization, which was formerly known as the SOS Violence Center. Matzmichim (Uplifters) is a center for violence reduction in the state of Israel and was established in 2004. The organization’s goal is to develop and implement strategies and specific professional tools for dealing with violence.The organization conducts numerous workshops which include classroom interventions/training for teachers, students, and staff throughout Israel.

Matzmichim (Uplifters) was awarded with the Knesset Chairman Quality of Life Award in 2015 and was chosen by the New Fund for Israel and by the Israel Venture Network Fund as one of the four leading social start-ups from 2008 through 2010.

The organization has a unique intervention model which combines interactive activities and demonstrations. The workshops consist of a 2-3 day course that includes both authentic emotional discussion and experiential activities that reflect the social situations in the classroom. We train students and teachers to use the learning and teaching tools effectively to help make the classroom a safe and more enjoyable environment.

The majority of our programs are in session for the entire academic year so teachers and students learn to use our tools long-term. In addition, we conduct training courses domestically and internationally for parents, educators, and administrators. We present educators and parents with a large range of topics which helps and trains them how to assist students effectively.

We have worked with 45,000 students, teachers, counselors, and parents all across Israel; spanning from Kiryat Shmona to Yeruham. Our programs run in a wide range of schools, including, schools for youth at risk, schools for specialized education, and schools that connect  Arab–Israeli students.